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Pruning & Trimming

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Not every species of tree requires pruning or trimming every year. Although most fruit trees will require proper pruning for maximum fruit yield.   For your tree’s safety, it is recommended to have your tree evaluated once a year.

A strong tree, properly pruned, is less likely to break branches in adverse weather, also causing possible damage to your property or even you. Proper tree pruning can also enhance the look of landscaping ideas and give yourself a better view of your own property. Always consider the health of your tree. Trees require the removal of dead wood for maximum growth, also reducing the possibility of carpenter ants living in those branches. It is recommended to prune crossing, broken and diseased branches, therefore adding to tree health. Crossing tree branches can rub together causing open wounds leading to infectious tree diseases.

Only a certified arborist can guide you in proper tree trimming and care. Avoid future problems and frustration. Call us once a year for free estimate, evaluation and consultation for your tree care needs.Tree pruning is a frequently performed tree service practice that provides for healthy tree maintenance.

Trees that grow in the wild do well without being trimmed up by man but landscape tree have the need to purposefully pruned in order to maintain their appearance and safety.

Tree removal service

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Fully insured and committed to total customer service, Dema landscape offers a comprehensive menu of tree services, including tree pruning, tree trimming, tree removal, emergency tree services, crown reduction, stump grinding, clear out, and crane services. As one of the most eco-friendly tree service companies in the area, we also provide a range of preventative tree care services, as well as expert consulting.

We take your trees as seriously as you do.

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We will match and beat any writen estimate with an additional 10% off.